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I know, Weltschmerz has been even more of a downer than usual of late. It seems whenever I brainstorm ideas these days, they come up dark. I thought Gaiagra might help Horst, but it's only made things worse. But contrary for popular belief, I'm actually not that grim as my main character. (Ask my wife, though; she may not offer corroborating evidence.) Perhaps that's because I've got the venting outlet that is Weltschmerz.

This and last week's cartoon were written in response to Putin's nuclear ranting in response to Bush's missile shield (which was supposed to make the world safer, remember? But don't get me started). It's off the headlines by now; everybody's at the cottage. I've got a dangerously fragile two-week buffer that will allow me to go on camping without you missing a week of Weltschmerz. Hence, I'm a little more behind the headlines than usual. I really want to run the two-parter I'm writing now on the various poisons that have been found in Chinese food products. But they must go in storyline sequence. Next week.

Speaking of dangerously fragile, the world stands at only five minutes to midnight. The Doomsday Clock, set up in 1947 by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists to symbolize the likelihood of global catastrophe, was at least this close to midnight in 1949-1960 and 1981-88. It was moved to five minutes again this year. Here were the reasons cited, according to Wikipedia:

North Korea’s recent test of a nuclear weapon, Iran’s nuclear ambitions, a renewed U.S. emphasis on the military utility of nuclear weapons, the failure to adequately secure nuclear materials, and the continued presence of some 26,000 nuclear weapons in the United States and Russia. Experts assessing the dangers posed to civilization have added climate change to the prospect of nuclear annihilation as the greatest threats to humankind.

Disarmament is no longer sexy, though. We've got Live Earth but no Ban Nukes. In fact, many who are serious about fighting climate change would see us make nuclear power more freely available, increasing the likelihood of us nuking the Earth before we toast it. Then again, wasn't the fear in the 80s of a nuclear winter? Maybe that would be a final solution to global warming.

In less earth-shattering news, the CBC Radio 3 Weltschmerz playlist, which I update regularly as I come across new Canadian independent music that turns my crank as I work, has appeared fifth in the "most-shared playlists" category. (Click on User Playlists at the top right of the site.) Who knows that "most-shared" means. But when my ego needs boosting, I'll grasp at anything.

Give it a listen. It's a Celine Dion-free zone, I guarantee it.

10 Years Ago This Week: July 10, 1997
Horst's boss berates him for losing consciousness in their meeting. "As you may recall, consciousness is central to your job description."



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