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Attention Insomniacs! | February 7, 2008 | Horst joins the Insomniacs with Phantom Girlfriend Syndrome Facebook group -- the offline edition. The solution to his problems? Shop till you drop.
The Right to Abstain | October 25, 2007 | Horst discovers that Celia forgot to vote in the Ontario election -- a reaction to 12 years of being subjected to his über-political rants.
Idling Cars Do Devil's Work | October 11, 2007 | Horst vs Hummer
How You Play the Game | October 4, 2007 | Over drinks, Frank tries to convince Horst of the merits of the first-past-the-post electoral system. Who will be the last man standing?
Friends in High Places | September 27, 2007 | Horst is facestalked by Dalton McGuinty and John Tory, who both want to be his friend.
Creationist Blahs | September 20, 2007 | Des and Max compare Ontario's potential mid-winter holidays and creationist tendencies with those of Max's new home, Alberta.
Scum Depot | February 1, 2001 | Celia is in jail after getting arrested for obstructing pepper spray. A girl is sharing her cell who is in for first-degree fiction.
Wild Meat | May 27, 1999 | The PC-Matrix scrambles reality to make voters vote against their own interests.
Squeegee Kids | June 26, 1997 | A topless Ontario Premier yells, "I'm gonna wipe these topless squeegee kids off Ontario's windshields!"
Injury Upgrade | April 17, 1997 | Horst is asked by the interim intern assistant to the nursing assistant if he wants to upgrade his injury to something more life threatening -- like a nice, clean hole in the head -- in order to get quicker treatment for his sprain.
Diagnosis | April 10, 1997 | After 12 hours waiting in the Casino Hospital, Horst is finally examined -- but by an interim intern assistant to the nursing assistant, who cleans toilets and wounds.
Oh Lucky Man | April 3, 1997 | At the Casino Hospital, patients come to have their appendix removed and end up losing their life's savings as well.
Casino Hospital | March 27, 1997 | Horst and Celia finally arrive at the Casino Hospital. Horst is forced to grovel for treatment.
Taxi Driver | March 13, 1997 | Horst sprains his ankle on a flat surface. Celia hails a cab to get to a hospital. Mike Harris is the taxi driver.
Harris vs. Harris | March 6, 1997 | Mike Harris battles his own past persona. Never before has cloning techology been so scary.
The End of the Universe | February 27, 1997 | Even though this cartoon was drawn three years before Walkerton, it foreshadows the E. coli outbreak there that Mike Harris' cuts to environmental safeguards made possible.
Mike Milosovic | February 6, 1997 | Ontario Premier Mike Harris ignores the results of a referendum in which Toronto residents voted against amalgamation. Greater Serburbia was in the works.
Megatown Bomb | January 30, 1997 | The golf supremacists were ruling Ontario and besieging Toronto -- creating a Greater Serburbia with a full-scale thermo-unclear strike.
mcity | January 23, 1997 | Mike Harris takes a page from the mbanx ads that are running -- and promotes mcity. "Maybe it's time for a new relationship with your city."
Public Sector Tour | December 26, 1996 | Horst escapes Life-Mart with a Christmas present for Celia -- but the bottom-line pricing of humankind has taken over everywhere.
Aisle 703: John Grisham Novels | December 19, 1996 | How do you choose between an infinity of gift ideas, each equally unique?
Life-Stylers | December 12, 1996 | Horst discovers you can't leave Life-Mart. Horst is stuck in Life-Mart, sentenced to a life-time of Christmas shopping. But luckily he meets Frank, who assures him that it's all a marketing ploy. Escape is possible.
Hot Wet Cuts | November 21, 1996 | The final of this four-part series featured a movie poster for Mike Harris' cuts-fetish movie Cuts, a rip-off of David Cronenberg's car-crash fetish movie, Crash (not to be confused with the 2005 Oscar-winning movie of the same name).
Hot Wet Cuts | November 14, 1996 | Mike Harris slashes everythng in sight with orgasmic mayhem. Lots of cutback porn visible here. Not for the faint-hearted.
Aprodisiac | November 7, 1996 | The second part of this two-part series, in which then Ontario Premier stars as the ring-leader of a group of politicians who get sexual thrills out of spending cuts -- strangely similar to the car-wreck fetishists to David Cronenberg's Crash
Heart of Darkness | March 20, 1997 | "My ankle is throbbing to a mad acid techno hip-hop beat. If it swells any bigger, it'll explode and splatter the inside of the cab with memories of Tarantino."