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Global Facelessness | October 5, 2006 | "Facetime is hindering our ability to compete in the global facelessness" -- Frank Bower, Liberal Leadership Contender, in a debate with Michael Ignatieff and Bob Rae.
Plush Toy | May 3, 2001 | At the G7 Quebec protest, Horst and Celia encounter tear gas and pink teddies.
Corporate Love Handles | July 17, 1997 | Pollara is slimming down, improving its muscle tone, getting rid of its corporate love handles. So Horst loses his job -- but gains entrepreneurial freedom.
Cologne Zone | July 10, 1997 | Horst's boss berates him for losing consciousness in their meeting. "As you may recall, consciousness is central to your job description."
Cologne Zone | July 2, 1997 | Horst is asked into his boss's office. Horst, of course, assumes the worse. The meeting ends in Horst losing consciousness.