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Cremation Ceremonies | December 13, 2007 | In Bali, they burn their dead and throw the ashes into the rising sea. Global Gus and Stephen Harper are planning to do just that with the Kyoto Accord.
Friends of the Truth | February 8, 2007 | Before you trade in your Hummer for a hybrid -- are you sure you are to blame for global warming? Global Gus, spokesglobe for Friends of the Truth, offers other theories as to why the planet is heating up.
80 Percent | May 18, 2006 | Global Gus wants you to live like there's no tomorrow - so there won't be a tomorrow.
Air of Colour | October 3, 2002 | airism - n. A coercive, fundamentalist ideology that discriminates against "impure" or dark-coloured air. Global Gus and Ralph Klein want a tolerant society that acepts all odors of air.
Clean Airists | September 26, 2002 | Global Gus and Alberta Premier Ralph Klein are here to warn us about a threat so evil, it makes Al-Qaeda look like a bunch of boy scouts.
Happy Frog | April 11, 2002 | Global Gus introduces us to his hot-tubbing buddy Happy Frog -- and hypes the glorious future. Does it include global warming? Nah! Throw more coal on the fire to power up your A/C and you'll be fine.
A New Climate | August 2, 2001 | A New Climate -- for a Change: Tired of the same old boring extreme sports? Why not try extreme weather?
Global Gus | July 26, 2001 | Hey kids! Name is Global Gus! I'd like to thank you for doing your part to heat up the planet!