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September 8 Because it will be September 11 on Monday, the fifth anniversary of the attack on New York, I thought I'd post the cartoon I did in response. I think it captures the hysteria and fear of that moment, which has now abated to a dull background roar that we barely notice anymore, since it is the worn fabric of our times. I used only one word.

Hate | September 20, 2001

September 7 This Harper cartoon wrote itself. As soon as I saw the story about Prime Minister Stephen Harper attending the International Firefighters' Convention in Toronto, only a week after the AIDS Convention that he refused to attend, I knew it had to be.

Our PM seems to get off on dressing up in a uniform. First, in Afghanistan, army fatigues. Now firefighter duds. He was on the no-show list for the AIDS conference because it didn't allow him a macho dress opportunity. Donning a hospital gown just didn't cut it. So, in this cartoon, the emperor has no clothes. Now there's a photo-op you'll see only in Weltschmerz.

For the footage that provided my visual reference, go to this CITY-TV news clip. Here is the firefighters' fundraising calendar that has Harper as cover boy (the money generated by this tasteless, softporn look at hunks and babes goes to fight cancer). For an artful fundraising calendar, check out Breast of Canada (which I designed). It's goal is education (not titillation) on women's health, primarily breast cancer. Education is a sorely underfunded piece of the cancer puzzle, yet is the most effective approach. The bulk of cancer funding goes to high-cost, high-tech measures. This five-year-old initiative to encourage women be proactive about their health is trying to shift the balance.

This weekend is the Eden Mills Writers' Festival. On Saturday, I'll be at the symposium with the theme, Write the Story - Tell the Story - Illustrate the Story. I'll be joined by authors Nicole Brossard and Sandra Sabatini, and storyteller Dan Yashinsky. There will be a broad discussion among all panelists about their work, then participants can choose to join the individual panelists for smaller workshops to discuss all aspects of the craft. I will bring samples of my roughs and discuss the strange and mysterious process of creating Weltschmerz. On Sunday, I'll be selling and signing my book, so come by and say hi.

Attack of the Same-Sex Sleeper Cells Retailers:

Pages, 256 Queen Street West (at John). On the graphic novels table.
The Beguiling, 601 Markham Street (near Bloor and Bathurst)
Book City, three locations - 501 Bloor St. West, 348 Danforth Ave., 663 Yonge St.
Hairy Tarantula, 354 Yonge Street (near Dundas).
David Mirvish Books, 596 Markham St.

The Bookshelf, 41 Quebec Street.
Macondo Books, 18 Wilson Street

Waterloo: Words Worth Books, 100 King Street South

Kitchener: KW Bookstore, 308 King Street West

Hamilton: Bryan Prince Bookseller, 1060 King Street West

Ottawa: Collected Works, 1242 Wellington Street West (at Holland)



You can see a more extensive portfolio of my work at the blog, including This Bright Future, a distilled and partial continuation of Weltschmerz, Turtle Creek, a daily comic about a turtle and a computer, and Footprint in Mouth, a quarterly cartoon I draw for Alternatives.

Weltschmerz in Print

Weltschmerz ran in Toronto's Eye Weekly from 1997 to 2007. It ran in weekly papers in southwestern Ontario, Ottawa and Edmonton between 1995 and 2008.

Notes on Writing a Comic Strip

I wrote this 17-page, 4 MB PDF document for my workshop at the 2006 Eden Mills Writers' Festival. It details the creation of one strip and gives tips on writing comics.

Politics and Environment

Monbiot | Guardian columnist and Heat author George Monbiot's blog. Not only about global warming, but expect plenty of refutations of the flat-earthers. His writing is witty, incisive and bang-on.

Desmog Blog | An indispensible (and Canadian) resource that "clears the PR pollution that clouds climate science."


Weltschmerz playlist at CBC Radio 3 | Some of the music I listen to while drawing this comic -- independent and Canadian.

This American Life | Radio documentaries that hit the heart, brain and funny bone.

CBC Podcasts | I don't listen to much live radio. Now, podcasts allow me to catch a lot of what I miss. I listen to The Current, Ideas, Spark and Search Engine while inking.


Diesel Sweeties by R Stevens | Witty repartee between guys, girls and robots drawn in a pixelated yet surprisingly versatile style.

Scott Pilgrim Manga-style indie-rock romance by Canadian Bryan Lee O'Malley | The most fun I've had in a comic book in recent memory. Highly recommended.

Dykes to Watch Out For | Alison Bechdel's brilliant weekly strip has been ghettoized because of its gay themes but deserves a wider readership.

Doonesbury | Garry Trudeau is still great after all these years.

Kevin Heuzenga | Enviable drawing style and dry wit. Start with Time Travelling.

Graeme MacKay | The editorial cartoonist for the Hamilton Spectator has a distinctive, addictive drawing style. And he makes me chortle.

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Blog Guelph | Hometown photos and events.

The Narrative | Riveting photoblog. Matt O'Sullivan is at the right place at the right shutter speed.

Breast of Canada | A calendar promoting women's health.

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